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"I can't even imagine running my business without Brian and his team. Always top notch service. Honest, knowledgeable, and professional. I never doubt their work. I highly recommend them to anyone needing a CPA."

"There are not too many businesses that I would recommend with absolutely no reservation, but I can say this about Core Accounting. Not only can they take care of your tax planning, but I found them to be incredibly helpful and supportive in advising me on my recent business start up. Everything from choosing the type of entity that best fit my need to assisting me in making wise financial decisions regarding start up. Don't hesitate to contact Core Accounting's Brian Tenney today! You will be so glad you did!"

"Friendly, helpful, knowledgable ... all things I've come to count on from CORE! Laurel and the team have been patient, answered my questions, and provided great service, even though I was getting set up during the craziest time of the year for them (tax season). Thank you!!"

"I have worked with CORE for over a year on bookkeeping and payroll issues for my small company. They are friendly, highly knowledgeable, and timely. They care about your bottom line. I'd recommend them to anyone!"

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